Fresh Supplements! Fresh Thinking

Health Freedom Nutrition’s roots go back much further than when the company was officially founded in 2000.

These roots lie in the nutrition revolution that began in the mid-1970’s. Back then, there were a handful of maverick nutrition companies led by larger-than-life personalities who realized that the emerging field of nutrition science held great promise for human health and longevity.

These nutrition and health mavericks were on the forefront of a movement that intrinsically understood nutritional supplements were a natural extension of the quest for human health and longevity. These groundbreaking nutrition revolutionaries rejected the pharmaceutical treatments put forth by the traditional medical community (which they dubbed the “sickness industry”), and instead embraced a more holistic, preventative form of “wellness” that evolved around the concepts of balance, nutrition & diet, supplementation, and freedom of choice.

Unfortunately, as often happens with revolutions, the innovative thinkers who were there at the beginning slowly transformed from being anti-establishment revolutionaries into actually becoming the establishment. Locked into the dietary dogma that they had espoused for decades, they were hesitant to revise their thinking or alter their positions when new nutritional science breakthroughs came along that ran counter to their original stance. Additionally, their maverick instincts lead them to display an overactive exuberance when new and exciting supplement ingredients became available. Thus, in their excitement and desire to stay on the cutting edge, they occasionally rushed new products to market. And while these new products may indeed hold great promise, they sometimes do not have the clinical research behind them to support their efficacy.

It was about that time that a long-time insider of the nutrition revolution movement, a man who had worked behind the scenes for some of the biggest names in the supplement business, realized that it was time to start a second nutrition revolution and bring some fresh thinking to the dietary supplement industry.

That man is Dale Fowkes, founder of Health Freedom Nutrition. The second nutrition revolution began April 17, 2000, the day Health Freedom Nutrition originally opened for business.

Dale’s product philosophy for Health Freedom Nutrition can best be summed up in the phrase, Fresh Supplements! Fresh Thinking!

Dale believes that you, the Health Freedom advocate, deserve the freshest supplements made with the finest ingredients available. To that end, all Health Freedom Nutrition products were made in small, but frequent batches utilizing carefully selected materials. Most companies purchase ingredients with cost and volume as the main criteria, producing by the truckload and warehousing for months (or even years!). They do this to save money and offer what they think is value, but the product—and ultimately the customer’s health—suffer for it.

That’s why there was Freshness Date on every bottle produced at Health Freedom Nutrition. You’d always know exactly the date your product was manufactured so you could be sure the product is the freshest available.

And while Fresh Supplements are important, Fresh Thinking is equally important. Fresh Thinking is what ensured that Health Freedom Nutrition products would never fall victim to the mistakes that doomed the first nutrition revolution.

Science is the key to Fresh Thinking. Nutrition science has grown tremendously over the last 40 years, and it will grow exponentially in the years to follow. Dale and his product development teams spend countless hours pouring through scientific studies to ensure every product made available to you is backed by solid science.

Fresh Thinking also means having an open mind, but not jumping on the bandwagon to follow the latest hype. Dale sees it all the time… a new dietary supplement ingredient gets a little media attention and suddenly every supplement company is rushing the product to market. There is little, if any scientific support behind the ingredient, but the first nutrition revolution companies fall all over themselves trying to outdo each other in regards to quantity or potency.

Dale would have none of it. And neither should you. One clinical study does not make for solid science. It’s Fresh Thinking that says it takes a preponderance of scientific data before an ingredient would be incorporated into a Health Freedom Nutrition formulation.

In May 2013, Dale resigned as CEO and Managing Member in order to support a merger with a larger company. “It is a shame that I had to leave my position at Health Freedom Nutrition. My 10% member interest did not allow me to control the ultimate outcome. I hope the team I left in place will be allowed to follow in the tradition of quality.”

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