Advanced Nutritional Formulas

Dear Health Freedom Advcate,

I have three words for you today; Advanced Nutritional Formulations. That has been Health Freedom Nutrition’s motto since inception. You’ll find it on every bottle we produce and every advertisement we run. But what exactly do these words mean to you, our valued customer?

Well, maybe I can answer that by telling you what those words mean to me and why we chose them in the first place. But first, a little background information for you.

In the nearly 30 years I’ve been in the nutrition industry, I have seen hundreds of products introduced into the marketplace only to be gone in six months time or less. Most of these products are what I call “me-too” products trying to capitalize on the latest nutrition fad or supplementation trend. I never wanted Health Freedom Nutrition to be a “me-too” company, so from the very beginning I made sure that every product we produced was backed up by solid, credible science.

Here’s what I mean. When we started, we had four core products. I’m pleased to say we now offer more than 100 high-quality health and nutrition products, and not once have I ever had to discontinue a product because it was a fad product whose time had come and gone. To be sure, as the body of nutritional knowledge grows, we revisit our product formulations and revise them as necessary. But not one of the products we formulated has ever been discontinued.

Our nutritional products are formulated using the most recent and reliable health and nutrition scientific research. That’s what Advanced Nutritional Formulations means to me (and hopefully to you!) and I’m proud to print it on every bottle we produce.

Dale Fowkes, Founder

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