Going Against the Grain

Dear Health Freedom Advocate,

I really enjoy running a dietary supplement company. It gives me great satisfaction to know that the quality products we make here at Health Freedom Nutrition make a difference in the health and well-being of our customers.

But like any job, it’s not always wine and roses. There are days when I wonder why I keep at it—especially since I find so often that our product development philosophy goes against the grain of what most of the other companies are doing.

Take vitamin E for example… there are dozens of scientific studies that conclude that gamma tocopherol is a critical component of a vitamin E supplement. Yet, so many supplement companies exclude gamma tocopherol from their vitamin E products, or toss in a cursory, ineffective amount and claim they have “mixed tocopherols.”

Here’s another example… and this one falls into the category of “more is not always better.” Resveratrol seems to be one of the hot new products right now. I’ve seen some products on the marketplace containing upwards of 300-400 mg per capsule, which is equivalent to consuming a couple of gallons of wine, so taking more resveratrol than found in a few glasses of red wine is going beyond mere supplementation into experimental dosages that could very well provide more harm than good.

And that’s what’s so frustrating for me. From a business standpoint, it’s tough to compete against irresponsible companies who sell inferior formulas or excessive amounts. And from a moral standpoint, it’s difficult to stand by and watch companies use their customers as guinea pigs when they sell them unstudied and sometimes unsafe supplements.

Therefore, you see, it’s difficult for me to run a company that goes against the grain. But I will tell you this… I sleep very well at night knowing every formula we make at Health Freedom Nutrition is backed by science, and the ingredients we use are the best and the amounts we include are optimal for human health. And if that’s what going against the grain means, then that’s what I’ll continue to do.

Dale Fowkes, Founder

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