Dear Health Freedom Advocate,

I would like to take a moment to discuss quality. A lot of companies in the nutrition industry talk about quality, and for the most part the industry produces safe products. But for me, quality products are so much more than just being safe, they need to be effective also.

Let’s start with ingredients. As with anything, when it comes to ingredients, you get what you pay for. Here at Health Freedom Nutrition, our products are our business so our product development team uses only the very best components in our dietary supplements. Their selection criteria for ingredients include, but are not limited to, potency, efficacy, purity, source, etc. The actual cost of the ingredient is the last thing on their list if it even comes up at all.

Then, after we’ve found the right ingredient, it needs to be combined with other ingredients in the correct amount. Product formulation is a core competency here at Health Freedom Nutrition and a major contributing factor to our product’s quality and efficacy.

Now what about quality in manufacturing? Most companies have quality control departments that inspect for defects or quality issues after the product has already been made. To me, their quality systems are backwards. The manufacturing procedures we employ actually build quality into the product. Every step of our “small batch” production process has a check and balance system designed to eliminate manufacturing errors, ensure product freshness, and catch quality problems before they even show up. True, we also inspect our finished products, but rarely do we find any problems because our systems ensure we build quality in right from the beginning.

And finally, what about quality in the distribution process? Our products may be of the highest quality, but if it does not arrive on time; it does you very little good. That’s why our Customer Service Team strives to ensure all the information they gather from you is up-to-date, and what you ordered is indeed what gets entered into our order system. Same goes for the shipping department. They do their very best to verify that the product they ship to you is indeed the one you ordered.

So you see, at Health Freedom Nutrition quality is so much more than safe, defect-free merchandise. It’s about producing and providing the very best science-based health and nutrition products for you, our valued customers.

Dale Fowkes, Founder

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